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How to marry the Japanese?
BarbieIn the childhood when to me was years in five, in a kindergarten at one girl I have seen for the first time Barbie's doll which her parents have brought from Japan, took to play, and have lost a doll shoe, more precisely it have washed off in a bowl (probably accustomed a plastic piece to hygiene). It was a shame.

KenBut as then I yet did not have a psychoanalyst, it was necessary to suffer, and fairly-fairly to promise to bring precisely same doll from Japan when I will marry the Japanese (oddish there were at me representations about the prince).

Barbie and KenProbably this annoying case was negatively reflected in my mentality because I am actually obliged to marry the Japanese, and in Japan I and was not till now, where them to search at all I do not know ))).
Who likes dolls, can issue on-line the order during pair minutes, taking into account your preferences, certainly, under a sensitive management of the psychoanalyst.

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