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The fountain of princess Diana cleared of waste will open again

Diana memorial

The memorial fountain of princess Diana in London, closed on July, 22nd for cleaning and debugging, again will be opened for access next week, newspaper The Guardian has informed on Thursday.

The royal society on prevention of accidents prepares new instructions for visitors according to whom now it will be forbidden to them to wander on water.

The monument opened on 6th of June in the London Hyde Park as a keepsake of princess Diana, for the short period of time became popular vacation spot of thousand tourists and the town-dwellers coming here with children. The fountain representing an oval ring in length of 80 metres and width of 50 metres, combined of 545 lumps of a granite, has got littered after the hurricane carried by over a city and has been closed after three visitors have slipped and were traumatised, броя on water.

The memorial of princess Diana should be closed absolutely

Rory Coonan, the former head of department of architecture of Council of Arts of Great Britain, has critically estimated a construction. In its opinion, the fountain project was unsuccessful initially, and the memorial should be closed absolutely. He has referred to culture Department from which consent the monument has been established, having told that officials of department should have boldness to recognise the error.

The representative of Department of Culture, on the contrary, has expressed yesterday in memorial protection, naming it "an example of qualitative architecture". He believes that "observance by visitors of new instructions will guarantee their safety."

Princess Diana Memorial Fountain in Hyde Park

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