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I am a Capricorn!


Ambition, constancy, diligence, the organisation. Being a sign on the Earth, the Capricorn are not content in the afternoon.

Capricorns often have a sensation as if they are waited by the great future. They would like to make something especial, to name the possession, to care of it, to incur high obligations in a trade, in the politician or intellectual area.

At them fine intuition which they with success show in struggle for the independence and economic security. Like Saturn, they are hardy, persistent, both feet stand on the earth. Love the right and the law. Protect instructions and laws. Consider reason as the higher precept, thus perfectly are guided in a practical life. Study not for the sake of the study, and for the sake of mastering by knowledge.

The Capricorn — nature self-sufficient

Steadily go to top, despite of obstacles. Are capable to a hard work. Work program and consider that the world in a debt at them for their work. Trust in the forces, realists, are cautious. Do not like to depend on someone's arrangement. Always find decisions, even for difficult problems. Are accurate and methodical in work. Consider that housekeeping should be organised. Suit supervising posts, on the subordinated posts long are not late.

Voluntary never recede. Clamber on a success ladder, being guided by ambition and aspiration to reliability. Capricorns love money as it is a sign on long-livers, and they are afraid to become dependent in an old age. This fear often does their avaricious and stingy.

In a youth they old men, and in an old age - young. In the childhood are ill, having coped with illnesses, can hope for a long life. Propensity to a melancholy and loneliness. In a shower Capricorns are sensitive and require a recognition.

The ingenious Capricorn

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