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Melting continent

Melting glacier

The scale research spent within the limits of the International polar year, has shown that Antarctica melts much faster, than was considered till now.

Many scientists have been assured that intensive disappearance of ices is observed basically on Antarctic peninsula. The new data shows that the ice sheet area decreases in all Western Antarctica. Some of huge glaciers slip in ocean almost twice faster, than several decades ago. The mass of glaciers annually decreases on 114 billion tons. All ice of Greenland approximately so much weighs.

Thawing of glaciers occurs not only on the coldest continent, but also in warmer places. Research of the ministry of environment of Spain has shown that the area of the Spanish glaciers for last 100 years was reduced almost to 90%.

Mountain skiers start to sound alarm

Many scientists believe that the originator of fast disappearance of mounting skiing resorts and, accordingly, catastrophic lifting of level of the World ocean is global warming. Accelerate global warming the hotbed gases most known of which is CO2, or carbonic gas can. It gets to atmosphere at breath, combustion of fossil fuel, eruptions of volcanoes and other processes. CO2 (along with other hotbed gases) does not allow to a heat emission to leave from a surface of the Earth, promoting gradual growth of temperature.

The researchers considering global warming by real threat (this point of view divide not all), develop the various methods, allowing to measure maintenance CO2 in atmosphere. One of the most effective ways are satellite observation.

The American space agency (NASA) has developed and has designed the device intended only for this work. The companion under name OCO (Orbiting Carbon Observatory) has been started from base of the Air Forces of the USA by Vandenberg in California on February, 24th, 2009.

Sara Russell tells about Antarctic

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