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Prince Charles have convicted of architectonic lobbying

One New Change

Prince of Wales, tried to affect a course of building of office complex One New Change in the centre of London and to force the builder to select conservative, instead of the futuristic architectonic project.

The prince not the first time reproach with "guarding" lobbying, but the history with One New Change has got to the press, in particular, in The Guardian, for the first time.

Building One New Change in cost of 500 million pounds sterling for the largest developer of Great Britain Land Securities is erected by eminent French architect Jean Nouvel, the owner of the Royal gold medal, the higher British award for architects. Prince Charles tried to convince Land Securities of necessity to refuse the project and to resort to services of the bureaus recommended by the prince. The successor of the British throne was afraid that new trading and office building will damage to shape of St. Paul's Cathedral.

Prince Charles understands nothing in the architect

The Guardian results the list of other interventions of the prince in architectonic projects, in particular, at its participation the program of building of a new complex in cost of 200 million pounds sterling has been frozen. In the beginning of August, 2009 at once five bureaus, dividing Charles's approach to architecture, have been selected by the Qatar company for participation in competition on a building development of old army barracks in the London neighbouring commune of Chelsea. According to the newspaper, the prince has convinced builders to refuse services of the well-known architect Richard Rogers who has constructed, among other, Pompidou's centre in Paris and Millenium Dome in the British capital.

St. Paul's Cathedral

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