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Everything is good in its season
AccelerationFairly, me frighten "development" of generation of the XXI-st century. Where that wonderful is time the childhood? Such sensation, that after the infantile period comes at once the youthful. Already in 3-4 years children easy use the computer and mobile technics, and their speeches by time amaze more adult audience.

It would Seem, and should be, yes here only in my representation it any more that childhood.

Ever less the girl play dolls preferring computer games "Dress Barbie" etc., and boys hardly probable not from infancy master PlayStation with every possible races and quests.

Already in 10 years children listen to songs about unfortunate love and passionate sex, films with the bed scenes which obviously have been not intended for so early age look. And in 13 years girls/boys begin an "adult" life. In that does the rising generation now study?
Acceleration baby
Why the era of technical progress steals the childhood from the innocent not generated persons, forming in their character only embitternment, dissoluteness and permissiveness?
Acceleration boy
What for to take away from children the carefree childhood? They still will have time to mature, learn to use modern IT technologies, to reconsider films about that "whence children" undertake and to listen to songs about unfortunate love.

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