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In Your Face:

The Culture of Beauty and You


"In our factory, we make lipstick; in our advertising, we sell hope." — Charles Revson, founder of "Revlon Cosmetics"

More money is spent on beauty products in the United States annually than on education: over $6 billion on makeup alone.

From bedtime fairytales and blockbuster movies to magazine advertisements and reality TV, we absorb the lesson early — being beautiful is the answer to our dreams. For pre-teens and teens, the pursuit of fitting in and measuring up feels like an essential survival strategy. Never before have so many messages offered so many unattainable ideals.

With In Your Face, Shari Graydon encourages readers to look critically at the culture of beauty of both past and present. Whether it's the different standards for guys versus girls, the assumptions we all have about models and celebrities, or the message that "the right makeup" can make you a better person, Graydon's look into the realities of our ideals will help kids face up to the culture of beauty and the beauty industry hype.

Accompanied by lively visuals, including sharp comic-style vignettes and photos from our beauty culture, this book will captivate readers.

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