Barbie World + poni

Orange loves sunk into dotage
Orange toyFrench agency Publicis Conseil has developed a roller for telecommunication operator Orange a Christmas roller absolutely without snow and other Christmas attributes, i.e. — it is absolute in style Orange.

The solar summer spot suggests, what not all adults have played enough in the childhood, and many of them on the former dream of toys in a gift for Christmas as dreamt of them in the childhood. "The internal child" in these adults works on the toy elevating crane, lives in Barbie's small house and cares for pink Baby Poni in a stable.
Christmas European campaign underlines, that the child in us it is fine and very valuable. Orange encourages it, giving in toy holidays to the clients.

The main thought: "Not only kids dream of toys. This Christmas the toys for grown-ups at Orange".

Christmas, pink, and more:

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