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Lounge Kitties Online Exclusive Barbie

In this collection of 2004 2 dolls + one which was on sale exclusively on a site

Barbie's tigressBarbie's tigress — a doll in a glamour suit of a white cat with black-gold strips. At this doll even hair are painted by strips, and on a head from them in the form of ears (as well as at all by Barbie very original hairdress is made of this collection). The make-up underlines the big and expressive eyes that adds similarities to the graceful cat who has is impressive settled down in a leopard armchair.
Barbie's catBarbie's cat — has settled down on a sofa in the form of close scarlet lips. Suit Kitties Barbie something reminds suit Halle Berry from a film "Cat Woman".
Leopard BarbieLeopard Barbie carries really a smart and defiantly-seductive suit of a leopard colouring with a long plush tail. All dolls very smartly look and are really original.

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