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Apple TV comes to the house

Apple TV

Company Apple has presented Apple TV, an accessible interesting method for wireless reproduction on the big screen of the TV of your favourite content from a collection iTunes from computers Mac or PC, including films, teleshow, music, photos.

Using magnificent possibilities of the new interface, it is possible to load and look through with ease an own collection of media of files from any point of a room, using simple and functional remote control panel Apple Remote. Apple TV it is compatible to the majority of modern wide-screen TVs.

"Apple TV is something like a DVD-player of 21 centuries. You connect it to your TV the same as a normal DVD-player, but unlike a DVD-player for which acquisition of disks with a content in shop is necessary, for Apple TV you load the data from the Internet, — the head of company Apple tells Steve Jobs. — Apple TV is capable to reproduce the same content from iTunes which users have got used to enjoy on the computers and players iPod, therefore now they can begin viewing of a film of the house on the TV screen, and examine it on the journey on the player screen iPod".

Apple TV — the incarnate concept of TV of XXI th century

Apple TV video, 9 thousand songs, 25 thousand photos or a combination of this content in other proportions is equipped by a hard disk in volume 40 Gb for storage till 50 o'clock, thus Apple TV is capable to reproduce the image of a high definition with resolution to 720p. Apple TV it is easily connected to the majority of wide-screen TVs and house cinemas. It is equipped by connector HDMI (the multimedia interface of a high definition), connectors of componental video, analogue and optical audio exits. Using high-speed wireless network AirPort 802.11, Apple TV can automatically synchronise the data with one computer or reproduce files from five additional computers directly on the screen of your TV without any wires.

Full integration Apple TV and iTunes allows users to choose a content from offered 350 television shows and more than 250 feature films in the quality which is not conceding DVD, 4 million songs, 5 thousand musical clips. Now users can enjoy the favourite music in house conditions and to look slide show from the photos on the big screen of the TV. Apple TV allows to fill up easily house multimedia a collection by means of new simple in use and the intuitively-clear interface. Using control panel Apple Remote, users can easily choose the favourite films, teleshow, photos or to operate musical files from distance more than 9 metres.

Apple TV complete with control panel Apple Remote it will be accessible at authorised partners Apple and in retail shops Apple. Apple TV it is compatible to computer Mac and Mac OS X version 10.3.9 or later version and iTunes version 7.0 or later version; or with computer Windows PC and Windows XP Home/Professional (SP2). Support of a wireless network 802.11b/g/n with use AirPort, AirPort Extreme or a local network with data-transfer rate Besides, is required 10/100 Mbit/sec.

Access to the Internet is necessary, broadband connection is recommended. For work with Apple TV the wide-screen TV raised or an image high definition is required. Games for iPod are not supported Apple TV.

Instructing on Apple TV

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