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Mattel has released Barbie in the form of Angela Merkel

The German chancellor

The American company on manufacture of toys and video plays Mattel has released alternative of a doll of Barbie, representing the federal chancellor of Germany Angela Merkel, informs Der Spiegel.
The doll has been presented at 60th annual fair of toys in Nuremberg.

For a doll founders have borrowed Angela Merkel's some characteristic features: a hair colour and a hairstyle, a black business suit and a pink vest. However, in the rest, the design of standard alternative of Barbie has not undergone the changes, therefore many visitors of fair could not learn in a doll of the German chancellor.

In 2005 the German producer of toys Schildroet also has released a doll representing Angela Merkel. The toy was on sale for 225 dollars.

Doll politicians

Last years dolls and figures in the form of known people and politicians became popular. In the USA there were dolls "Barack Obama", "Sarah Palin", in Russia — nested dolls "Dmitry Medvedev", "Vladimir Putin", "Osama bin Laden". In France the doll-voodoo representing president Nicholas Sarkozy has been released. The set of spokes that it could be pierced was applied on a doll.

Angela Merkel

Chancellor Angela Merkel

Nicholas Sarkozy

Obama's daughters

President Obama

The Pope

Barack Obama

Sarah Palin

US President Talking Doll

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