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For the first time for 30 years in Britain there will be "black" Barbie

Michelle Obama effect

The Telegraph writes, that for the first time for 30 years in the Great Britain Barbie and Barbie's "black" doll of "the mixed nationality» will go on sale.

Grace, Kara & Trichelle

In total there will be three models of such dolls by name of Grace, Kara and Trichelle. At them fuller lips, a wide nose and curly hair. Experts believe, that the given step is connected with so-called «Michelle Obama effect» and huge interest of public to the first lady of the USA and her daughters.

The second attempt

For the first time "black" Barbie has appeared on counters of the British shops in 1980 the newspaper, however, informs, the doll did not use special popularity and has soon disappeared from sale.