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Heidi Klum has reincarnated in Barbie

Heidi Klum

The supermodel and popular TV presenter Heidi Klum continues to ennoble the greatness. This time the beauty has decided to advance the name in the market of children's toys, together with designer Robert Best has created Barbie's doll which appearance "has inherited" appearance Heidi.

Heidi Klum and Barbie doll

I have fallen in love with Barbie...

Klum-Barbie Designers have dressed in the stylish brilliant minidress showing one of the main advantages of model — long feet. Itself Heidi Klum by a doll it is admired: «I have fallen in love with Barbie. It as if the carried out dream».

Heidi Klum Barbie doll

Barbie Klum

To become the owner of tiny doll version Heidi Klum it is possible all for 50 dollars. The toy is created within the limits of collection Barbie's Blonde Ambition where have entered Barbie in the form of the most popular blondes of the world.

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