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Luxury Dream House For Barbie

Malibu Dream House

The design of a private residence in California where company Mattel has celebrated the anniversary, has been entrusted designer Jonathan Adler.

«Barbie is a client of my dream, — Adler admires. — Actually it was difficult to pick up the house completely to reproduce atmosphere of the world of Barbie, however we have found a tremendous private residence in Malibu on a steep rock at bottom of Pacific ocean».

Barbie's mirror

It is interesting, as there could live the girl on whom half of modern women is brought up practically. Respectably. Magnificently. Carefree. Probably, as any of you dreams. Barbie's clothes total more than 50 pairs similar pink barefoot persons, the glamor bed laid by a pink silk coverlet, and that in garage… is clear, newcomer New Volkswagen Beetle. Pink, certainly!

VW Beetle for Barbie

Volkswagen Beetle

The house where the girl lives, by the way, which never existed on light, it is decorated by design chandeliers of manual work on which manufacturing left on 30 wigs and 60 hours of laborious work. And also Barbie's delightful portrait which has been written Andy Warhol.

Magnificent terrace

Glamour drawing room

Barbies shoes

Barbies room

Dream House go to Las Vegas

During dressing Mattel has given to the designer access to huge archives of the company where there are all materials about Barbie's all doll houses. Therefore many pieces of furniture have been reproduced on an image of armchairs and the sofas already belonging to the well-known doll. After celebratings the part of scenery will be sent to Las Vegas where they become hotel Palms Casino Resort ornament.

Barbies bed

Bedroom lux

White sofa

Photo by Tom Andrews/LAist

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