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Wedding rings for a newly-married couple

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Wedding rings — irreplaceable wedding attribute, a symbol of love and fidelity in marriage. By tradition the groom should buy wedding rings, but choose them can as well the bride. And the choice is really huge...

Unique wedding bandsThe jewelry shop «25 karats» offers exclusive assortment of wedding rings for all tastes and financial possibilities.

Great Brotherhood of Wedding Rings

Luxury wedding bandsGold and platinum wedding rings, classical smooth wedding rings or rings with exclusive design — from a variety of variants it is possible to become puzzled.
But irrespective of the fact which wedding rings you choose, the main values in home life remain from time immemorial — love and fidelity!

In a collection of jeweler shop great variety of subgroups of wedding rings: classical wedding rings, modern rings, with diamond inserts; unique antique and unusual ancient rings. But, I would like will more in detail stop on four groups:
1. Classical wedding rings are roundish rings with a smooth surface. These are the the cheapest wedding rings in all assortment of wedding bands.

2. Wedding rings with a diamond side — inexpensive, but very effective rings made with use of special processing. At the expense of a diamond side visibility is created, as if the ring is decorated by brilliants.

3. Wedding rings with diamonds — group of wedding rings rather popular among bourgeois youth. During the majestic moment of a choice of wedding rings with diamonds, remember it's pathos and luxury. Besides it, the given rings it's a favorable investment and a pride subject.

4. Wedding rings with jewels — modern and unusual rings for vanguard persons. Models of the given rings are similar to wedding rings with brilliants, but in this case instead of brilliants a ring decorate, for example, sapphires.

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