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Hard Rock Cafe Barbie

Hard Barbie

Rock-Star Barbie

Hard Rock Café is a cult network with forty-year history and franchises worldwide. The network is well-known for the richest collection in the world of original relics of the world rock legends. Guitars of known musicians, autographs, tickets for concerts — all it decorates interiors of many Hard Rock Cafes.

Barbie Black

Also under the brand make various souvenirs. Hard Rock Cafe for a long time and most advantageously co-operates with company Mattel regularly representing exclusive thematic releases by Barbie under their mark. Every year are create a new Barbie doll.

Hard Rock Barbie

Rock-star Barbie

On the doll a pink corsage in the retro style, a black skirt, a pink belt and stockings. In the same key the costume jewelery of the doll: a necklace in the form of winged heart, with color enamel, large silver hearts in ears.

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