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Frozen Meals for Two (I cooked!)

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When it comes to feeding myself, I live by one basic rule: Keep It Simple, Stupid. And, not necessarily because I want to, but because I kind of have too. You know, for the safety of my mom's pots and pans. However, there comes a day in every 20-something girl's life when she needs to steer away from the fast food drive-thru and learn how to be less destructive in the kitchen, which led me to purchase my very own kitchen appliance.

Now, as fancy as P.F. Chang's 'Frozen Meals for 2' may seem, they aren't exactly something you're going to pick up at the farmer's market. However, my whole family agreed that it would be in everyone's best interest that I only attempt to cook from scratch with adult supervision. So, my options were limited, but I still ended up with fulfilling and hassle-free meal.

After reading a few reviews, I decided on the Taylor & Ng 7 Piece Preseasoned Round Bottom Wok Set from, and it ended up being the perfect choice for a beginner who also wanted some additional accessories. I especially loved the steaming rack, but also noticed some other fine qualities that I look for in a work.

  1. Cooks evenly. The veggies and beef ended up having a nice crisp to them, artfully disguising the fact that they came out of a bag. (Did I just use the word artfully??? Weird.)
  2. No stick. No burn. Actually being able to stir food as you cook it instead of scraping it off of the pan is seriously an underrated feature.

Plus, I even went the extra mile and added some steamed brown rice. In other words, SUCCESS. I even finally managed to find the perfect little house-warming gift for my brother and his fiance on CSN as well! (And by finally, I mean they moved in together in March.) Either way, it's a good thing I did, because those two love birds have been surviving these past 10 months without COASTERS. How the constant threat of water rings did not torture them at night, I do not know.

Whoaaaa! When did life become so busy that Sunday became Wednesday before I got the chance to put up my weekend post? Before I got three days behind, I was attempting to get ahead by prepping all of my veggies and rice for the week like a good little healthy eater.

I also found the time to pick up a iPhone protector for the next time I drop it on the most unforgiving surface that comes my way. Now, all I need to find is a protective cover to keep me from destroying my new protective cover.

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