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Green Beer Cookies!

Top O' The Morning to Ye! Loren from The Baking Sheet here with a fun idea for your St. Patrick's Day celebration! How about a tall mug of green beer?
Green Beer COOKIES, that is!

Grab your beer mug cookie cutter and your favorite sugar cookie recipe and follow along as I show you a step-by-step tutorial on how I made them!

Start with some fresh sugar cookies, cooled to room temperature (click HERE for recipe). I used a cute mug cutter from
If you don't have a mug shaped cutter, no worries, use a rectangle or even an oval cutter!

While the cookies are cooling, whip up a batch of royal icing (click HERE for recipe) and separate about one cup of icing into 4 bowls and color with food dye as follows:
Bowl #1: Thick black icing Bowl #2: Thinned (with a few drops of water) green icing Bowl #3: Thinned (with a few drops of water) white icing Bowl #4: Thick white icing
Then put the icing into 4 squeeze bottles (or pastry bags), fitted with #2 round tips. Now you're ready to decorate!
First, with the black icing, outline the mug, handle and beer foam.
If you are using cookies made with a rectangle or oval cutter, you will have to free hand the outline shape onto the cookie.
Let the icing dry.

Next with your thinned white icing fill in the beer foam. Let dry.

Pop any air bubbles that may have appeared with a toothpick! Fill in the beer mug handle...

Next with the thinned green icing, fill in the beer mug...

Again, pop any air bubbles that may have appeared with a toothpick! Now for the fun part! With your thick white icing, draw some swirls on your beer foam!

Then draw some lines on your beer mug and you're finished! Cheers! An Irish Toast: May your mornings bring joy and your evenings bring peace... May your troubles grow less as your blessings increase! Happy St. Patrick's Day!

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