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How adorable are these duckies on a cupcake stand?! The best part is they're bake free! Loralee from No Fuss Fabulous makes parties as "fuss free" as possible! Love all her awesome ideas!

She used Little Debbie Banana Marshmallow Pies, mini marshmallows, frosting, and marshmallow ducks (like peeps) to put these SUPER cute mini cakes together.
Now you must remember Loralee from this fabulous Alice in Wonderland Party!

As crazy as it may sound~ Loralee tells me this was another "fuss free" dessert table! She didn't want to spend a lot of money on fancy pastries for her "toddler" daughter's birthday. Instead she went with Little Debbie's and child-friendly snacks.

Cupcakes and Little Debbie Marshmallow Cakes on large popsicle sticks in a jar filled with jelly beans! I have to say it was definitely "No Fuss" and "Fabulous"! Thanks, Loralee for sharing all your Fab details!

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