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Silly Surveys.

Rather than write a big ol' recap of our Stevenson weekend which, true to my word, consisted of glorious, heavenly nothings (like two trips to Home Depot, and buying our first real grill, and three hours of yardwork, and it was amazing)... but wait, I digress... I'm going to fill one of these babies out. I love reading these on other blogs, so maybe you'll enjoy it here.

Four jobs that you have had: Lifeguard (first ever job) Retail (college breaks at American Eagle and Abercrombie) Prospecting specialist (cold caller, really, first job out of college) Communications specialist (current job in PR)
Four things you wanted to be when you grew up: Princess, duh
Ballerina (until I realized that I have severe stage fright) Teacher (still want to be one sometimes) Communications specialist (ha!)
Four movies you could watch over and over: Waking Ned Devine Pride and Prejudice (2006 -- BBC one is way too long for my taste) Love Actually Mrs. Doubtfire
Four cities you have lived in: Pittsburgh Cincinnati Cleveland Toledo (gosh, isn't that a glamorous list)
Four TV shows you love to watch:
The Office Parks and Rec Modern Family House Hunters International
Four Places you've been on vacation:
Hilton Head Ft. Lauderdale Naples
Four Websites you visit daily: Facebook Weddingbee (yes, still... don't judge me) Pinterest MSNBC
Four of your favorite foods:
Ravioli Dubliner cheese Black bean corn salad Buffalo chicken dip
Four foods you can't stand: Hotdogs Jello Beets Watermelon-flavored candy
Four schools you've attended: University of Pittsburgh Ohio University Hudson High School Bradford Woods Elementary School
Four places you'd rather be right now:
San Diego Naples Tuscany South of France
(but only if I can take my dogs... oh, alright, and my husband)

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