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Pirate Party

An Aussie mom made this adorabale Pirate Cake.
"I made the cake from scratch – it’s chocolate mud cake with chocolate chips all the way through so very heavy and gooey and yum. I then covered it in melted chocolate! And then iced it with regular frosting before tumbling ground biscuits (sort of like graham crackers) on top. I made blue jelly (jello) a bit stronger than normal and let it set about 1cm in the round tray, then carefully laid the cake in the middle and added the cookie ‘sand’. I then attached these cute scrapbooking stickers to toothpicks and stood them in the ‘sand’, then added piles of gold choc coins and some Polly Pocket plastic palm trees. SO easy yet so adorable. And delicious!"

Cute Pirate Cupcakes

Fun and easy~ the way I like it!
Thanks Tania, for sharing. There are so many more Pirate details over at her blog!

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