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Benefits Of A Good Hot Oil Treatment (VIDEO)

Happy Hump Day Gals! Last night I was thinking to myself "When was the last time I gave myself an oil treatment, my hair and scalp could use one". I used to faithfully give myself oil treatments once a month and my hair kept its shine whenever I did,I've been slacking in that department. I don't buy store hot oil treatments, I simply mix up a few oils I have at home, warm them and massage my scalp. Daily brushing,weather changes, styling tools, and use of different products tend to cause some type of damage at some point. A hot oil treatment can help nurse dry brittle hair back to health. I tend to use Grapeseed oil, Olive oil, Almond Oil, and Coconut oil all mixed together. Below you will find the benefits of each of these oils along with a quick video of how I apply them to my hair:

  • Grape Seed Oil- Rich with antioxidants, its light and very moisturizing. Regular application can help reduce dandruff, the vitamin e and linolenic acid that are present help strengthen the hair. The oils helps smooth the hair cuticle which helps seal in moisture.
  • Olive Oil- Helps reduces dandruff, soften dry brittle hair and helps with manageability. Olive oil helps prevent as well as cure hair loss giving overall health to the scalp.
  • Almond Oil- This oil is highly recommended because of the different fats it contains which help add luster to the hair. Almond oil helps prevent split ends,hair fall, and balding which in turn strengthens the hair root and makes it stronger.
  • Coconut Oil- Is a great light weight oil for sealing the hair cuticle. One of my favorite oils;coconut oil binds to the hairs natural protein structure which helps retain the natural moisture content and reinforces the air fiber which makes it stronger.

Hope you enjoy the video TTYL ;-)

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