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Blog Post award- Want one?!?!

Welcome to my blog new friends!
Here is a Blog Post Award that I have created. I will present it to the blog post that I find to be creative, unique, informative-or just catches my eye. I will try to pass one out every few weeks. It is a simple HTML code that you upload to your blog in your "add a gadget" section of your sidebar. If you have trouble, I can help but I will send you step by step directions when I send it to you!. It's very easy! I will also be featuring your blog (and if I have any other of your links) at the bottom of my blog, and announcing you as the winner on my business page. when I see the award up on your blog!
No prize, just the appreciation of a job well done that you can display on your blog! ENJOY!
Note- You do not have to be a blog follower or facebook fan to recieve one, but it does make it a little easier. Make sure I can comment on the blog post!!
NOTE: I plan on passing one out every week or so (not exactly sure how long) so you need to get this posted, and notify me asap..or you will lose some of your featured time or possibly all of it. I may post a link to the previouse winners blog so if nothing else, that will be on my blog for you for a bit!

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