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Guest post from Dylan- Maximize your Manicure!

Hey everyone! My name’s Dylan, and I’m a nail polish addict. I’m also a friend of Kerrie’s, and we’ve decided to do a guest post on each other’s blogs! My post today is going to be about getting the perfect basic polish application.We’ll be going over tips, tricks and tools that I like to use to get the mostout of your mani! Let’s get started, shall we?
You’ll want to make sure that your nails are totally bare, clean andready to go. Should you choose to use acuticle oil or cream, now would be the time to do so, as it will need time tosink in and you want your nails as dry as possible before polish application.You can give them a quick swipe with polish remover to ensure dryness.


When filing your nails, I find it is important to file in one direction.I file my nails towards the center, from the side inward to the middle. Thisway you`re not filing against the grain of the nail, which can create splittingand peeling problems.


As for buffing, I also like to go in towards the centre as well, so you`re not disturbing the nail too much and sawing away at it. It may take moretime, but this way you`ll get a cleaner finish and you`ll have more control ofwhat you`re doing and when to stop. You just want to make the surface smooth,then stop, because you don`t want to thin out the nails too much. I buff mynails about once a month, to maintain the new growth and prevent over-buffing.

At this point, I would push my cuticle back and remove any excess oils or creams by wiping my nail off with a tissue and giving it a swipe with somenail polish remover, to ensure that the nail is dry and ready to accept nailpolish. Having completely dry nails prior to application will help eliminate bubbling.

Base Coat
Using a base coat will not only ensure that you have a smooth canvas to work on, but it will aid in the longevity of your manicure. Layering polish will help your mani keep up with your work week, just don’t overdo it! Too many layers and your nail polish will never properly dry, so you’re even more prone to smudging. It’s like using too much eye primer.

Applying Colour

Your first coat doesn’t have to be perfect. What you want to worry about on your first coat is that the application is smooth and even. The colour can be streaky, because that will be rectified with the second coat, but you want to make sure you’re not just slapping it on willy-nilly.
To help with the application, first place the brush of the polish upfrom the base of the nail, and wiggle it down to meet your cuticle. Doing
thiswill help fan out the brush, and when you pull up you will get more coverage ofthe nail.
Personally, I like to work with thick coats in quick strokes. By doing this, I have to do less work to get an even layer on the nail.

Top Coat

You want to make sure your nails are completely dry before putting on top coat, otherwise you may smudge or pick up unwanted colour on the brush. Applying top coat should not be something that takes too much effort. Using thes ame techniques as applying your colour and working in quick strokes should get you an even finish. If you can’t wait for them to dry, try using a product like OPI Drip Dry. It’ll have your nails totally dry within 5 minutes!

So those are all my tips and tricks to getting your best at-home manicure, I hope you learned something new today!
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Thanks so much for tuning in, and until next time, stay polished!
Much love,
Dylan <3<3

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