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Hair Care After The Beach

Hey Ladies!! My friend asked me if I wanted to go to Gulfport, Ms with her for a quick 2 day trip to pick up her kiddies and I jumped on it! ANY beach sounds good to me right now lol. I know i look all tore up in these pics with my chipped nails and crazy hair but I was like "whateva i'm in Mississippi" hahaha, you would NEVER catch me on a Miami beach like this.

Now BEFORE I jumped my happy-go-lucky behind in that beach water I made sure that I took the necessary steps to prepare my hair. Chlorine and Salt water both dry the hair and make it brassy and dry. Chlorine sticks to the hair shaft and salt water makes it very brittle both dehydrating your hair, which is NOT a good look since natural african american hair tends to be much drier to begin with. BEFORE I get in the water I wet my hair and apply a thick conditioner like Aussie moist(a conditioner with built in sunscreen would be better) to my hair, that way my hair doesn't absorb all the salt/chlorine water kinda acting as a barrier against the salt/chlorine water. When you get out of the water use some club soda as a quick rinse if you are not able to shampoo immediately. Club soda helps to get rid of residue AND also helps with frizz! Once you are able to shampoo make sure you use a sulfate free shampoo and deep condition the hair.

Follow these steps ladies and hair won't suffer from the wrath of the sun and water, hope this helps toodles :-)

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