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I'm Covering The TN Natural Hair & Wellness Expo..YAY!!

Good Monday Morning to you all!! I'm super excited today, not only because I watched the "BET awards" and "True Blood" last night (which were both awesome) but because I received GREAT news!!! I was asked to cover the FIRST Natural hair expo here in Memphis on behalf of my blog. I'll be bringing you all coverage from the expo, coverage on the special guest, products being sold etc. I'm super honored and excited, finally something for me to look forward to here in Memphis haha! It will be here on July 16th, the cost is $10 to enter and starts @ 11am. I'm totally looking forward to the products being sold there, I hope they've got some goodies because I have a LOOOOOONG list of products I want to try(I'm a product Junkie). I'm already trying to figure out what I will wear... If I'm going to do a braid out or a Bantu Knot....decisions,decisions hehe. If you're in Memphis or anywhere close stop by and check it out! Hope to see you there!!

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