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"... In A Sentimental Mood...."

Hey there hope everyone is well! Today was one of those mushy days for me, you know when you're missing friends and family that aren't close to you? I'm such a softy I swear I cry over EVERYTHING! If a close fam or friend yells at me... I cry, If I see the starving animal commercials with the Sarah Mclachlan song playing....I cry, When I watch "The Notebook" which i've seen a million times I CRY!! So..well you get the point! lol I start texting,twittering,and facebooking my friends and fam and telling them how much I miss them. My brother's response is usually "I love you too... are you dying or something" lmao..MEN!

My little Brother and Me

My brother lives in California and I'm here in Musty Memphis %#@&*!& haha but best believe there's a change a coming lol. I plan on making a move to Houston,Tx and so does he so we can all be together and I can be there to see the kiddies grow up.

Kolonda(R.I.P), me, and my awesome friend Synitta

Sometimes I don't know how my friend's tolerate me and my mess but they do and through it all they STILL stand behind me no matter what :-)

My girlie Ilka in Panama (days before I left)

Anywho... enough about all my mushy sadness hahaha, I wanted to be sure to tell you gals that I'm creating some posts show casing my curly girlies and their natural journey. Stay tuned..........

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