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My Elf order...

HELLO EVERYONE! We had a visit recently from some famIly and they brought me a birthday surprize since my birthday was in April. One of the presents was a gift card and I knew the minute I saw it what I would buy. Can you say ELF ORDER?!?!?


I love Elf because it's cheap but most everything works great. I have taken a few pictures and will go over a few things I purchased: (The order came really quick too!)

Here it is- Isn't is lovely! Doesn't the site of all this makeup make you excited?!?! Best of all, You don't have to spend a lot to get alot. All of this cost around 50 dollars. (I did get some of it free in a gift set).

NEW glitter eyeshadow- Beachy Chick & Flirt- BEAUTIFUL. The are much prettier than the picture shows. I am thinking about making a lightbox for my pictures, that would help! I haven't seen eyeshadow with this much sparkle in a while.

Shimmer Palette -Isn't she gorgeous?!?! I can't wait to use this. It comes with a brush too, so cute! I have just been requested by my good friend Sara to do a blog on how to use this, so watch for that soon! You can find her @ You will love her reviews!

Corrective Concealer Palette- Doesn't this palette look amazing?!?! I have found pink & blue to be amazing at helping to cover my under eye circles and of course green is good to cover redness! It's just so pretty!! I am loving my Essence 3-n-1 but I just had to try this as well. Again with the little brush-LOVE IT! Why spend so much on expensive products when you have little gems like this!!!

Nail Polish Set- Who doesn't love a beautiful nail polish and look at this set! The little bottles are too cute, without being too little! I would try all of these on my nails for you guys but I just did my first ever dots on my nails so I don't want to mess them up! The clear is the Elf Mattifier- I am very excited because I am obsessed with matte nails! I bought the Essie mattifier because I just couldn't stand it anymore but grabbed this one with the order, so cheap! I hope it works as well as Essie-10.00$ My friend Kim said that NYC makes a mattifer too, but I can't find it around here..Look for it where you live! You can find my friend Kim @!/MsKimiKiwi

Beauty Wipes- Who doesn't love beauty wipes?!?! Vanilla & Coconut!! I mean really, can you stand it?!? I love anything Coconut! I hope they work well. I always wash my face, and I typically use Cetaphil but on the rare occasion that I am too tired, I use wipes. They are great at getting off mascra too! I may sniff them over and over though!!!

This is a 10 piece summer collection they were giving away free with a certain sized order ( I think 40 dollars, sorry I can't remember but it's unfortunatly over with now anyway) This has some of my favorites. * The little bag- Not a hugh fan of brown but who couldn't use a new bag!
* Lotion Wipes as shown above..yum..
* Eyelid Primer- Works great!! 1$
* All over Color Stick in Golden Peach. I've only had one- Pink Lemonade but It's "super cute" (that phrase is a registered trademark of my girl Jasmine. :)
* Elf nail polish in Champagne
* Super Glossy Lip Shine in Honey do- I LOVE LIPGLOSS!
* Waterprood lengthening & Volumizing Mascara. Im a little skeptical, but we will see
* Eyeshadow brush - One of my very favorties!!!
* Cream eyeshadow in dawn.
* Eyeliner pen- LOVE THIS THING!!
Well, once again THANKS SO MUCH for reading my blog..and shareing it with friends :) I can't wait to use these products!

Check out this Zebra print bag they got me as well
(also gift cards, really they are too nice!!)
Hope you enjoyed this blog! Kerrie