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Tips to Combat Dryness On Natural Hair

If there is one I hate its dry,brittle, crunchy hair! I go crazy and start doing everything I can to get/keep my hair feeling soft as silk. When I got back to the U.S. my hair took a toll mostly because of the cold weather, coming from hot to cold weather really made my hair suffer. Below you will find some tips to keep your hair nice and moisturized:

  • Deep Conditioning Treatments- I make a nice mixture and deep condition EVERY week! My mix includes a heavy conditioner like Organic Root Stimulator, honey which acts as a natural humectant, and olive oil. I warm this mix up for 25 seconds, apply to freshly washed hair, cover with shower cap and sit under my dryer for 20 minutes.
  • Use Sulphate-Free Shampoos - Shampoos with Sodium Lauryl Sulfate dry the hair and can even cause hair loss. Sodium Lauryl Sulfate is found in detergent that is used to wash clothes,dishes, and even garage floors so you can imagine what it is doing to your hair. Switch to a sulphate free shampoo like Giovanni Hair Care products or Aubrey Organics just to name a couple. Your hair will thank you for it!
  • Sleep on Satin- YES satin! Sleep on satin pillowcases if you don't want to use a satin scarf to tie your hair at night. Cotton will suck all the moisture out of your hair causing dryness which you don't want so make sure you pick up a satin pillowcase next time you're out shopping.
  • Moisturize & Seal- Oil is NOT moisturizing, so many people think this but its just not true. You need to use a water based moisturizer on your air then SEAL it with an oil to trap moisture into your strands. If you just apply a moisturizer to your hair it will just evaporate. Apply a moisturizer daily or as needed and always follow up with an oil to keep hair moisturized longer.
  • Avoid Heat- This is a hard one for a lot of gals including myself but the less heat you use the better off your hair will be! Hand held blow dryers, curling and flat irons and wreck havoc on your pretty strands if used to much. I limit my heat use to once a month in the cold months and in the summer months I try not to use it at all. Stop using heat and you will see just how much fuller and healthier your hair gets!

These are just a few tips, I hope they are helpful! :-)

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