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Velvet Nail and Nail Pearl Kit

Hello, I am so excited because my nails have finally grown out to a decent length and seem to be holding ( I actually just broke one but who's counting?!!) Anyway, I love painting and making them look pretty now! I received a package with a Velvet Nail Kits and two Nail Pearl Kits plus a couple of bottles of gel nail polish. How fun!! I had a good time trying them and taking some pictures. Since I am not really a nail expert yet, I wondered if I would be able to make them look pretty. With these kits, it was super easy and a lot of fun.

I thought the nail pearls would fall off, but if you follow the direction, they hold on surprisingly well! I love the little funnel that came with it, what a good idea and makes it much easier to get the extras back in the bottle.

The velvet nails have never been appealing to me but this was a good chance to try it and see what I really think. I love the color. It looks better then I thought it would and is unique. Grabs your attention, for sure!
Sorry, my nails look odd. I just wiped them with nail polish remover so they look shiny around the nail. I was trying to get a pink I had on before I started playing with these kits!

If you love having your nails beautiful, but aren't a pro, definitely check these out. They are easy to use, beautiful and summer is the perfect time to show off your nails.

Thank you so much to pretty woman U.S.A. for letting me try these.

Let me know if you try these kits and what you think. We would love to see a picture at

Have you checked our Pretty Woman U.S.A??

Have a great day and thanks for reading my blog!


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