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Box Braids Are On My List

Looks what's back in style! Box Braids y'all! Oh man these braids bring back some memories! I decided to go ahead and cut the rest of my permed ends off and once I do that I will immediately get these braids. I'm trying to find some one that can braid well so if anyone knows someone that's reasonable please let me know. I really like my curl pattern my hair has but I hate the shrinkage I get so until my hair grows out some more I will rock braids and sew-ins. I guess this is the end of my transitioning journey,it's been fun but I'm done(hey that rhymes lol). I promise once I cut the rest of my hair I will show you all what it looks like, so what do you all think of these braids?? si O no??

I want them a tad bit bigger than Brandy's

Angela looked hot with these braids too

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