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Bring-A-Book Baby Shower

The first weekend back from my extended vacation I was honored to be a part of this "bring-a-book" baby shower given for a sweet friend of mine. The theme of the shower was birds/books. We had a lovely thumbprint tree designed for all of the guest to sign, and each guest brought a book to help build the baby's library. Please excuse the photos as the lighting wasn't the best.

My fabulous friend Kristy of Posh Pixels worked with me on the lovely custom designs while I was in Hawaii! Everything came together perfectly!

I'm not a fan of baby's breath so I didn't included them in any of the flower arrangements, but I do think they add a sweet touch here between the twigs.

I filled nests with Jordan Almonds and placed them on each table for guest to snack on.

I picked up some baskets for guests to place the books in. I like that you can remove the "books for baby" design and replace it with a photo later.

The mother of the guest of honor picked up various ornate frames for all of the beautiful designs.

I asked that the venue provide us with a plain white cake, and I had Charynn of Two Sugar Babies send me the most adorable 3D fondant pieces to decorate the cake.
*I believe you can make any occasion "your own" by adding special little touches like these.

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