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Hot Color Block Shoes and a REALLY Cool Shoes Site!

Happy Friday gals! I know I'm going shoe crazy... I'm a girl... sue me lol.
You know it just doesn't feel like summer to me if I'm not rocking lots of color! That's the fun of it all, I mean why wear black in the summer? It's HOT and black+ sun = no bueno :-S. I mean if I rock black in the summer it's more than likely at night and I'm always going to add a punch of color to the 'fit.On that note, i've taken to the whole "color blocking" theme this summer and fell for a few heels I ran into online. Take a look at these beauts....


Ughhhh! I just died and went to shoe HEAVEN!

Now here's the super cool shoe site you HAVE to check out! Its called Video which is part of and it's awesome. I'm an avid online shopper,so when I saw that had this I was UBER excited! I probably order like 85% of everything online, when it comes to shoes I order about 90% of my shoes online

I have big feet y'all, like they are wide and big lol I wear anywhere between a 9-10 depending on the shoe. At times when I see a pair of shoes online I always wonder what they look like on my feet. This site has a model that walks around in the shoes so you can see the fit of it. It's brilliant and has helped me in deciding on shoes when I purchase online and off. They also talk about shoes and designers I mean it's a shoe haven for the addict in you lol. Check it out ladies and let me know what you think :-D

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