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I Can't Stop Staring

Have you ever been out somewhere, say a club or a restaurant and you see a group of girls and there’s one that catches your attention because of her hair(like the one in the above pic lol)? You can’t stop looking but at the same time you don’t want her to think you are “checking her out” in THAT kind of way lol. This happens to me all the time, I swear. I’m out somewhere and I see a natural with a head full of gorgeous coils and I just want to strike up a conversation about products, styles, etc. I restrain myself most of the time because the response from some people isn’t always positive and I don’t want to seem like a weirdo lol.

On that note, I just want you ladies to know if you EVER see me ANYWHERE feel free to say hello I’m totally approachable haha. I've had a couple people say they saw me out somewhere and wanted to speak but felt weird. It's really ok, I'm not famous or anything..just a little blogger lol. Have a good one ladies :-D

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