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My Hair Products Are Like My Crack.....I'm ADDICTED!

Hey ladies! FIRST let me say that my site is now officially, you will stil be able to access it by typing it the old way themanetopic, as well but dropping that blogspot off just makes things so much easier don't ya think?In other news, I've recently changed up a few things when it comes to my hair regimen. I still use my staple products listed above but I've changed a few minor things. #1 I have stopped co-washing all together. I remember watching a you tube video and the girl on the video made a lot of sense to me when she said that co-washing is only adding product on top of product which is true. A conditioner is meant to add to the hair once that shampoo washes all the oil and product out so if you are constantly co-washing then you aren't really getting your hair "clean". I noticed the difference in my hair once I stopped co-washing. I mean I can use my sulfate-free shampoo, slap some conditioner on,rinse,style, and everything's great with my hair.

#2 I've started doing more and more homemade organic recipes (avocado treatment,coconut milk treatment,baby food treatment,etc) and noticed a difference in how soft my hair is so I will continue with those treatments.

So far that is all I have changed, I'm just trying out new styles to see what compliments my face now that my hair is shorter. I will try to remember to take pics for you girlies to see. Some of the looks are a so I'm not going to scare y'all like that.

One day I did a twist out and I scared my damn self hahaha anywho... enough of my rambling... hope you all have a fab day... peace ;-)

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