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✂✂✂✂My Official BIG Chop!!✂✂✂✂

Hello everyone and Happy Saturday. Well It's done and there's nooo turning back, I have OFFICIALLY chopped all my permed ends off and I'm rocking a T.W.A. Now it's time to watch it grow and love it for what it is. I just want my hair to be in the texture that god gave me. I really didn't think I could handle chopping it all off but it actually gave me this rush as I was snipping away. I had this liberating feeling like I can't explain. I'm just glad I'm done with the permed hair, now I can try all the products I have and all the natural styles on my TRUE natural hair. I'm excited, I know a year from now my hair it's going to be so big and I LOVE big hair :-D

What do you all think of the cut? Is it horrible? Cute? Be honest, I can take it lol
Check the video below for more pics and stuff

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