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YES GONE!! I was going to spend the majority of my day editing the video and pics from the TN Natural Hair expo that I went to on yesterday but now I have to get my blog back together. I googled the problem (as I do everything else) and there are people with similar issues but they're pictures were hosted by some type of server and mine came straight from my pictures folder. IDK I'm in shock, I mean I've been blogging since October of last year. Right now I am going to go through and just try to add the pics back to my popular posts sections, I don't think I still have ALL my pics from EVERY post I've ever done. OMG... this is just so awful!!! To all the people from the hair show that are wanting to view the pics and footage please forgive me there will be a 1-2 day delay, I must get this blog together sooo soooo VERY sorry :-(

blogger photos gone, and more:

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