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My half wig "Shakra" is STILL holding up y'all

Mawning y'all! Boy did I have a GREAT Saturday! I reaaallllyy needed to get out and unwind with my bestie. We went to a day party and had a pretty good time, I tried my best to filter out the "thug jeezys" but here in Memphis that's a bit tough lol.

pic taken with my blackberry torch

So I was trying to find something to wear and I've come to the realization that I am the fattest I've ever been in my life(I guess around 180-185lbs). I could not fit ANYTHING, I had a big pile of clothes on my bed that I can't wear anymore. I finally was able to put this outfit together, it's actually a dress that I wore as a skirt and I put a tube top over it. The whole outfit is old(minus the wedges) but I thought It came out ok..what do you think?

My new "babies" :-)

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