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Weekend Fun + OOTD

OOTD- "Lemon Peach Sorbet"

Howdy doody y'all! I changed my blog AGAIN, I know.. I know... I JUST changed it hahaha. I told y'all I was an indecisive person, I can't ever make up my mind about anything lol.
I had such a relaxing weekend, simply hanging with the girlies. Saturday my b.f.f. bbq'd some food and invited a few people over. Seems innocent right?....WRONG hahaha! She told everyone to bring a bottle of wine and by the end of the day everybody was DONE! I woke up the next day at like 1 something. I wasn't planning on doing anything on Sunday but who comes a calling again... my b.f.f. hahaha! This time to go hang out on her friend's boat for dinner!

I looked through my closet and through something together, the skirt I got from a thrift store, the tank is from forever21(super old), jewelry I got from my local beauty supply(surprise!), and my wedges are Guess(old). The outfit came out pretty nice, what y'all think?


I hope you all had a good weekend as well, I'm already counting down the days til Friday lol Have a good one chicas!!

Sorry for the oily face, It was hot as a &$%@!*#$#!@

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