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Creating Cupcake Masterpieces with Memory Mixer

Now that you are all settled down from the amazing excitement that was Cupcake Conference it's time to turn some of those fun pictures into long lasting memories. Thankfully we thought of that prior to the conference. Did you notice that amazing software package in your swag bags? Memory Mixer you ask? Yup thats the one.

Now it's time to open up that box and put it to good use. Now if you are like me scrapbooking software can be a little daunting. But Memory Mixer is not scary at all. Even someone like me, the craft impared, can create adorable pages with just a few clicks of a button. I started out using their premade "quick mixes" (that is are still customizable) and have now branched out to making my own pages.

I made this in under 10 minutes. This is coming from the girl who has actually hot glued her hair before. I am NOT creative or crafty. Imagine what YOU could do with Memory Mixer and your creative flair. I can't wait to see your creations.
Disclosure-Memory Mixer was a sponsor of Cupcake Conference. However, all thoughts, opinions, and general awesomesauceness of the above page are all mine.

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