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Fall Conference Fun at Bloggy Boot Camp

I know you are all waiting for the announcement of the next Cupcake Conference. You want to visit with all your friends old and new. Nosh on some cuppycakes. And most of all have FUN. Well we are still working out the details of our next conference but while you are waiting, have you checked out Bloggy Boot Camp?

Bloggy Boot Camp is a fun, informative, and most importantly STRESS free conference (well maybe the organizers may feel differently but as an attendee it was no stress at all) held over 1 day. Yup, that's right, only 1 day. And in addition to making it easier to find a babysitter, it also keeps the cost low (only $99). And the next best part... they are coming to UTAH! St. George to be exact. On November 13th. Which couldn't be a more perfect time of year. Escape the cold and snow and head on down to St. George Bloggy Boot Camp for a little fun in the sun.

I am planning on making a whole weekend out of it with my family. The hubby and kids can relax by the pool and soak up the rays while I am soaking up the knowledge at Bloggy Boot Camp. Or if you need a quick weekend away. Grab a few of your bloggy BFF's and carpool down. Just over 4 hours later you will be having the best girl getaway of the fall.

I hope to see you all there!

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