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I'm Ready For The Changing Seasons

Hey y'all!! It's been slow motion for me over here as I've been transitioning between jobs and you know how that goes. Still I tried to find a little time to make a post for you gals. Thank you all for following my blog and commenting, sometimes I feel like no ones out there and it gets kind of discouraging at times :-(

Anywho (i'm getting all mushy sorry lol). I have a black maxi dress I have yet to wear( i know i have a lot of maxis) and I have been trying to decide on what accessories to put with it. I put this little outfit together because I thought it would be "Season appropriate" for fall. I was getting a "Jungle Cat" kind of vibe as I was putting it together, what do you all think? Yay or Nay?

black maxi dress, fall fashion, leopard print clutch, and more:

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