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My Friend's Baby Shower And The Gift I Made Her

I ♥ These Girls!!! Friends since High School

Hey everyone! This post is late but I totally forgot about it, I wanted to show y'all one of the gifts I made for my dear friend Tiffanie aka "Ti-Ti". This is her first baby girl and I am so happy for her! I totally love baby showers... I really do, I like buying the little clothes and I also like making baby gifts......

Isn't it the cutest??!! I used to make these ALL the time and I don't know why I stopped. I would make them as gifts for friends at baby showers and they are always unique which I love because I know no one else is going to have my gift so there's no need for returning anything. I used to make these and sell them for like $20 for the set and they would always sell out FAST, think I will start that up again and include matching baby blankets and burp cloths (got to fix my sewing machine first lol). Anywho, just wanted to share that with you all... have a good one.

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