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Natural Hair Crush Of The Week: "Jasika "

Happy Friday Whoop Whoop! I don't have anything super fun to do this weekend but it still the weekend and even if i just bum around the house watching re-runs of "Law & Order" I feel relaxed.

Today's natural hair crush is Jasika Nicole, she stars on a shoe called "Fringe". I've never seen the show before but I did see a preview on TV and the only thing I noticed was her hair.I immediately looked up some pics of her and found this one and fell in the love with the look and cut. Now that my hair is short
I just don't know what to do with it, I mean it's really frustrating me. Think I will try to achieve a curl like Jasika has by putting my hair in straw curls or something IDK *sigh* either way Jasika's hair is GORGEOUS! Have an awesome Friday lovelies..ciao for now :-D

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