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Re-Constructed: Vintage Dress Turned Into A Maxi Skirt

Hey y'all, I'm in a good mood today :-)
I went thrift store shopping on last sunday and found this dress and fell in love with the print. I looked at it and thought "There must be SOMETHING" I can do with this dress. As is, it's hideous, I mean when I put it on it looked ssoo frumpy and shapeless but I saw potential and bought it for 2 buckaroos.

As soon as I got home I laid it on the bed and thought " I can make this into a maxi skirt with no sewing needed!" I SIMPLY cut right above the elastic band and voila it's a maxi skirt! :-)

I was sucking in as much as I could lmao

I decided to wear it to my girlfriend's baby shower, overall my out fit only cost me like 2 bux because the rest of the stuff i've had for YEARS. I think it turned out ok..what do you gals think? Did I make good use out of that frumpy dress or what?? lol

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