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The Sponge Cloth Dermalogica

HEY EVERYONE! In school, we use a lot of Dermalogica products. I love the ones I have tried so far. The toners smell A-M-A-Z-I-N-G!!! My face always feels so soft and clean after using any of them! We had a Dermalogica instructor come in a while back and passed "the sponge cloth" around and I have been wanting to try it. It was super soft, and she said you could clean your face without any product. I am not sure why you would want to, but I wanted to see if it was true. This is my opinion on it: First, It is super soft… but not quite as soft as the one she brought in. Did she make it super-extra soft before she brought it in?!?! After trying it for a while, I wouldn't use just this cloth to cleanse my face. You need product, as I thought! For me, it's good to use like a wash cloth so it won't scratch/irritate my face, however that's about all it's good for. A soft, nonabrasive wash cloth. I typically do the whole "splash wash on my face" thing anyway. If I do need a wash-cloth type of thing, I reach for a cleansing cloth-throw away wipe. See, I ALWAYS (yes always!!) wash my face. I know the importance of it. I don't want those dead skin cells building up on my face, no way! I want fresh, young, healthy looking skin. If I get so tired that I just can't do it, I use a cleansing cloth and hit the bed!! I typically use both for a double cleanse, yes DOUBLE. It gets all the dirt and oils off when you take the time to cleanse 2x! The sponge cloth did work pretty well to remove a clay mask. Overall, I wouldn't (now!) run out and buy this, as it wasn't as soft as I wanted. You know us women love to touch softness! However, since I have it now, I will hang on to it. I will use it to remove mask, or maybe that leftover mascara that the "water splash" method may not get! If you use a washcloth on your face, then yes get this or something like it. You don't want to tear up your skin. Just in case you don't know, you can hurt your skin and cause irritation that your eye can't see. We did some studying under a special lamp that the dermatologist uses, and you would be surprised how we hurt out skin in ways we don't see... that all makes a difference in how you age! I bought mine through $15.50 You can go through other sites or Dermalogica itself, however Ulta sends samples! Oh, they do have one of these cloths that is made to exfoliate as well! Hope this helps you! Do not go a night without washing your face. Kerrie

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