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Where Woman Create... Cupcake Bedazzled Snuggies

I should probably start off this post with the extreme amount of envy I feel over the winners of the cupcake bedazzled Snuggies at the Cupcake Conference Summer Social. I also want to put Paige from Where Women Create in my pocket for her creative genius. And yes, anything involving cupcakes, sparkles, and Snuggies is GENIUS!

It doesn't surprise me that Where Women Create would sponsor such wonderful giveaways at Cupcake Conference. Have you actually checked out their website and magazine? I am the least creative person I know and even I feel inspired when I look through the gorgeous pages of the magazine. Not only that, the magazine itself is art. You can proudly display a copy on your coffee table and have your friends and neighbors ohh and ahh over how lovely the magazine is from cover to cover.

I think the most inspiring part of Where Woman Create is their passion towards highlighting woman in every aspect of their creativity. Whether they are business women or dancers Where Woman Create sees the amazing complexity of woman and shares that with their readers.

What sparks your creativity? I mean besides Cupcake bedazzled Snuggies.

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