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Yon-Ka Phyto Eye Contour

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It is so important to take good care of your skin. You face is the first thing people notice about you, plus it makes you feel more confident as well

You may remember my post not to long ago about the Yon-ka gel nettoyant cleanser

I thought I would search around and see what other Yon-ka products may interest me. Defiantly need to keep the C.C. up during this because I would love to have it all!! I found one that I think I would like to try next and hopefully would really benefit me. The Yon-Ka Phyto Eye Contour eye cream.

It is 0.5 oz for $54.00. Totally would be worth it if it last as long as the Cleansing Gel I have been using. I know with eye creams you only need a small amount to see a big difference.

What this product can do for you:
The thing's that interest me the most are the "Guarantees dramatic lift" and "consistent use alleviates sinus pain (drainage action)". If that statement is true, this would be a miracle product for certain! My sister would defiantly need to use this then. I am sure so many of you have sinus problems as well. It's miserable when you get that drainage.

The other thing I noticed it states "With daily use, potent enough to dissolve under eye mila". Mila is little white bumps you can get from clogged pores. In our Esthetic's class we are taught that you can only get rid of these by going to the dermatologist and haven't them removed with a needle. This web site explains it well and even has this Yon-Ka Phyto Eye Contour eye cream listed as one product that can help dissolve these. INTERESTING!!! I would much rather use a product then go have them removed, if I had any. The next time I come across anyone that does, I will suggest this. It would be great to do a before and after photo and blog on it!

Some of the ingredients listed are:

Rosemary extracts, Beech Bud peptides, Aloe Vera, plant glycerin, Vitamin E, Quintessence*(lavender, geranium, rosemary, cypress, thyme essential oils)

** Beech tree extract- "Uses enzymatic action to stimulate skin cell renewal." Now that is a beautiful benefit!! The quicker we can get those dead skin cells off, the faster we can see the results that we are expecting. Plus, as we get older our CRF (cell renewal factor) slows down. That's not a good thing.

I would love to test this product and see if it lives up to its promises. Maybe I will get it one day and let you guys know if it helps me in there areas that I need it.
I hope you will visit the Skin1 web site and look around because I am loving the products I see. I know sometimes we don't want to spend the extra money on higher end products, however I am learning in my classes why we need to. You see, higher end products contain more of the beneficial ingredients and not just fillers. Most of the time you don't need as much of the product as well, making the bottle last longer. Therefore they are a better value in the end. Plus, what is the point in buying a low-cost skin care product if it isn't going to improve our skin. I am still doing my own research on this issue but I have been using some of the higher end products lately and do see a difference in my skin.
PLEASE note that some of the products, like this one, cannot be shipped out of the USA.

Have you tried a Yon-Ka product? Let me know what you thought of it. @ Gorgeous-Glamour. - Kerrie

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