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Collection of tips- Makeup/skin/etc.


I have been trying to post health/beauty/skin care tips more regularly on my blog. Here are some that I have posted lately and in the past. If any of you aren't on FB, you can keep up with my blog for when I write a post of recent tips. Hope some of these help you!

Makeup bag in a mess? Out of the house and can't find blush? Lipstick or eyeshadow will do! Lipstick make 2 or 3 dots and blend in circular fashion.....

Make sure you are not putting regular lotion on your face. It can cause Milla. A small white bump that has to be extracted. Use something specifically for your face.

If your exhausted tomorrow (dreaded Monday), put a little white eye shadow in the inner corners of your eyes, will make your eyes pop and you seem more alert!!!

I was painting my nails and I had used nail polish remover wipes first. I normally wash my hands first but left it on and the polish glided on my nails smoothly. In a hurry? Instead of eye shadow which can sometimes be time consuming... add a pop of color with a gel eyeliner and no eye shadow. Make sure you wear a great mascara as well. I love NYX and Ulta's gel eyeliner with a eyeliner brush. Essence (ULTA) and ELF (Target) has a good eyeliner brush for a few dollars!!! Want an extra shiny boost on your skin?? Mix a little luminizer into your foundation and then apply, you will get a hint of shine. I like the one from NYX! Can be applied alone as well. Ok just a few. Hopefully you are on Facebook and following my page, but if not, check back here and I will post them from time to time. Share some tips with us @ Kerrie

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