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"Desert Flower"

Liya Kebede and Waris Dirie

Monday... ughhh lol. I do hope everyone had a grand weekend mine was quite relaxed :-)
Today i just wanted to talk a little bit about the beautiful women you see above. Over the weekend I watched a movie called "Desert Flower",which is an adaption of Waris Dirie's best selling autibiography.

I loved this movie ssoooo much that i had to dedicate a whole post to it. I really want you gals to check it out. I ordered it on netflix because i love Liya Kebede and i am also a fan of independent films but i did not expect to love this movie as much as i did/do. Its sad... i cried like a baby to know that this happened to this woman and many other women :-(
Check out the trailer and then checkout the movie,have a good one.

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